culinary experience of apulian

Due Camini, Borgo Egnazia’s own gourmet restaurant, is the place for those who seek an unparalleled culinary experience, a one-of-a-kind blend of the sophisticated pleasures of fine food and the best Apulian tradition.
Here, Executive Chef Domingo Schingaro offers a true “auteur cuisine”, complex yet authentic and simple, where local recipes are revamped through skillful creative cooking methods and carefully selected ingredients.

The refined environment of Due Camini allows for moments of deep food enjoyment, set in the rough limestone and wood scenario of the candle-lit main hall and enhanced by a wealth of warm details that relentlessly speak of Puglia, such as the beautiful collection of dishes hand-made by the Del Monaco ceramics workshop in Grottaglie and inspired to designer Pino Brescia by the old “Cunzapiatt” tradition of stitching broken or damaged plates back together through a peculiar hand technique.

Master of ceremony in this unique environment is our Restaurant Manager Donato Marzolla, who is pleased to personally follow through our guests in the Due Camini experience, an amazing ever-changing journey into the talents and excellences of Apulian food and wine.