La CALCE is born from the soul of Due Camini: a bistro with an essential and material cuisine deeply rooted in the Mediterranean culture and Puglia. Simple, light and essential dishes, with the raw material as the main element. Its name is inspired by an ancient material, already used in the past in the kitchens of massaie, and its white colour reminds of Puglian countryside. Limestone (“calce”) is an element of union: it connects the two souls of Due Camini and – just like food – joins people, ideas and cultures.

Due Camini restaurant, one Michelin star in 2019, is guided by Chef Domingo Schingaro. Its success is due to the ingredients, exceptional in taste and characteristics. The concept of the new bistro is the same of the gourmet offer: the focus is on the product and quality, making it more accessible and informal. La CALCE is in the porticato of La Corte, the main building of Borgo Egnazia, where you can enjoy the white of the arches in tufo and the blue of the outdoor pools. The white tables, with a minimal look, and the candles make the environment relaxed and welcoming.

The vegetable world, the naturalness of the ingredients and the biodiversity of the territory are the elements of connection with the Due Camini. All the vegetables are locally grown, oftentimes in the vegetable gardens of Borgo Egnazia and the Masserie of San Domenico Hotels group, and harvested in season to the fullest of their taste. The meats are rigorously from Puglia, by local producers, the fish comes from the Adriatic Sea, caught every day by trusted fishermen and worked for light dishes that remind the sea water salinity. A search for balance in nutrition, to feel good and live an experience of taste and wellbeing, based on the Mediterranean culture of food, the healthiest lifestyle in the world.

On the menu, Orecchiette baresi ai tre pomodori, cacioricotta e rucola, a traditional dish enriched by the sweetness of Torre Guaceto tomato, with great attention to seasonality and enhancement of a quality that runs the risk of disappearing; Merluzzo, cialledda e origano, a modern reinterpretation of the “cialledda” of Fasano, with fish caught during the winter and dried for preservation, highlighting the importance of eco-sustainability and recovery of food products. Puglian biodiversity and vegetable cuisine, as per Due Camini tradition.

The menu includes a section for children, based on good eating habits and on the balance between taste and health, flavours and colours. The menu offers children the opportunity to taste different elements and experience new kind of food, differing from the classic offers for children. It gives new ways to love seasonal vegetables and combines flavour and genuine nutrition.

Even the wine list is linked to sustainability, biodiversity and organic, offering a selection of Puglian and Italian wines, the result of a search for small local winemakers. Great attention to the experience of the producers and their emotional storytelling.

La CALCE is open every day, for adults and children, at lunch and dinner:

Lunch 12:30 – 2:30 PM
Dinner 7:30 – 10:00 PM

Reservations are available also for visitors at +39 080 2255351 or by mail at