La Calce, the Due Camini bistro, is the restaurant that offers a cuisine perfectly balanced between taste and wellbeing, a reinterpretation of the Mediterranean cuisine, based on principles of healthy living.

It is the central place for narrating the wellbeing path that guides the whole gastronomic offering of Borgo Egnazia.

La Calce Menu respects our Golden Rules > of nutrition and integrates a further set of principles that define the best nutritional path, contributing to the slowing down of cellular aging, the improvement of physical health and the reduction of inflammation and stress.

At lunch, dishes are made with local and seasonal ingredients, balanced to guarantee the right nutritional intake.

At dinner, the menu offers entirely vegetable based dishes, fish and legumes and some exceptions with carbohydrates and meat. Every guest is free to choose their own menu but yet guaranteeing the right amount of calories and a balanced nutritional profile

The table of La Calce combines food, the joy of conviviality, appreciation for the surrounding land and mind and body wellbeing.