Due Camini restaurant awarded with the Michelin Star

On November 16th 2018 the Michelin Guide Italy 2019 announced the first Michelin Star for Due Camini, the gourmet restaurant of Borgo Egnazia. The Executive Chef Domingo Schingaro achieved this prestigious accolade after almost three years working at Borgo Egnazia under the direction of the Chef Andrea Ribaldone. Domingo Schingaro’s cuisine is deeply rooted in Puglia and in the Mediterranean culture of food. Cornerstones of his concept are a careful selection of the raw materials and a passionate research to enhance the taste of food using simple local ingredients.

Domingo Schingaro realizes his dream: “This star comes from the land and tells stories about the values of the Mediterranean culture. Here we are very lucky to have an incredible variety of vegetables and a huge culinary heritage: for example, we have almost 30 different kind of tomatoes, 10 different kind of artichoke and 8 different kind of chicory. We are carrying on a great job to build a new identity for Due Camini starting from the richness of our land and connecting it with the Mediterranean culture of food.  I am very proud of this project, strongly supported by Andrea Ribaldone and Aldo Melpignano, I really want to thank them and all our Team. This accolade is also for them.”

Chef Domingo takes inspiration from the traditional Puglian cuisine and he revamps it through gourmet culinary techniques and the fundamental teachings of the Mediterranean. For example, he uses very simple ingredients, generally considered as “poor” but that are actually very precious since they are available only in Puglia: almost 95% of the raw materials in Borgo Egnazia’s cuisine comes from the area, all the meats are strictly Puglian and the fish comes from the Adriatic thanks to the collaboration with local fishermen. In addition, Domingo devotes particular attention to the wild herbs growing between the countryside and the sea.

The menu features signature dishes by Domingo Schingaro, such as the “Gnumaredd entrails rolls, lampascioni onion and chicory” (reinterpretation of typical Puglian street food). Among the new creations of the new 2018 menu, “Ricotta cheese, barley, wild herbs and fig vincotto”, with a mixture of 40 wild herbs, “Turnip tagliatella, caper-flavored water, pine nuts, raisin and wild fennel” and “Onion from Acquaviva delle Fonti” filled with a cream of aubergine Parmigiana.

Domingo Schingaro’s cuisine continues to pursue the gastronomic project, strongly desired, by Aldo Melpignano, Owner and Managing Director of Borgo Egnazia: make Borgo Egnazia more and more an international point of reference to promote the huge local food and wine heritage, to develop healthy and tasty diets based on the Mediterranean Diet and the local biodiversity.

Aldo Melpignano declares: “I am extremely proud and happy to be taking to Puglia with me the first Michelin star for Due Camini at Borgo Egnazia. A big thank you to Domingo Schingaro, Andrea Ribaldone and the rest of the team for their hard work. We are now ready to face new challenges and follow up on our gastronomic project of becoming a point of reference for Puglian cuisine and Mediterranean culture.