Orto of due camini

L’Orto of Due Camini

Close your eyes, listen to the rustle of the leaves, let yourself be caressed by the fresh air of the countryside, breathe the scent of aromatic herbs and feel the energy of the earth under your feet: with the arrival of a new summer, the Due Camini restaurant inaugurates an outdoor space, L’Orto. A table immersed in the vegetable garden of Borgo Egnazia, surrounded by seasonal vegetables in an atmosphere rich in the details of nature.

An immersive experience that integrates the philosophy of cooking at Due Camini with a social table reserved for a few guests who can taste the Radici menu created by Chef Domingo Schingaro. Experience new dishes that always follow the seasonality and availability of vegetables, some of which are prepared directly before the curious eyes of guests.

A generous and welcoming celebration of the land of Puglia with a new experience that enhances nature and all the gastronomic inspirations.